Khutulun believes that grappling is a powerful and contemporary form of movement that goes beyond a pure martial art. It requires skill, strength, tactic and endurance. It's accessible for everyone.

Khutulun supports, elevates & promotes women through the production of studio showcases, formats and events, where grappling is a key element.

Khutulun captures competition, exploration & performance. Participating in a Khuthulun format shows courage, decisiveness and vulnerability. In all our productions we look for the person behind the mask. The story untold.

Each participant receives a fair participation fee + PPV points. Participants are encouraged to promote their performance through their own channels & network. We are in this together. We focus on Europe and UK.

Khutulun invites you to participate! If you are interested, let us know by filling in the form and return it to us.

Stay tuned for casting calls & format announcements.


Ps. Khutulun was a Mongol noblewoman and warrior. She insisted that any man who wished to marry her must defeat her in wrestling.